Tea Parties To Host The Largest Conservative Training Event In History

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Breaking News: This is one of the largest and most complete conservative training events in history sponsored by Freedom Action, Declaration Alliance, American Majority, Liberty Central,Tea Parties, The 912 Project & over 40 other grassroots groups.

Unite In Action has committed to a FREE XPO but needs to raise $26,000 to pay the sponsorship expenses for a fully NO COST offer to all participants attending the Liberty XPO Symposium. Learn how to prevent voter intimidation, stop voter fraud, mobilize your troops, turn out a crowd, handle the media, keep God in the public square, “trump the race card” — and much more!

Liberty XPO Symposium provides the classes, training and tools patriot Americans need to SAVE OUR COUNTRY! Join Alan Keyes, Ginnie Thomas, Ned Ryun, Randall Terry and many others to hear how they have organized grassroots movements, political action and youth training to help restore our liberty!

We are ALMOST THERE to our sponsorship goal of FREE LIBERTY XPO Admissions! Please join the March on DC by attending or supporting with a donation for youth scholarships and to assist your fellow patriots! You can still get tickets to the fantastic “Remember the Ladies” Banquet with Morgan Brittany and Ginni Thomas by clicking here!

Don’t miss the 911 Memorial Ceremony at the Washington Monument at 15th and Constitution from 8:45 AM to 10:30 AM on Saturday 9/11/2010.

God bless,

Stephani Scruggs
President – Unite In Action (MarchOnDC.org & UniteInAction.org)
National Co-Chair – The 912 Project (The912Project.com)

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